I’ve always wanted to start a blog and there is no time like the present. I just want to journal about life and love. Family and friends. Travel and home. I’m not sure if I’ll let anyone know about this until I’m sure what I’m doing but it might be cathartic. A good place to vent.

We’ve just returned from an absolutely wonderful time in California. We had a delightfully hectic time in Las Vegas with Jeff. He’s got a new life started and I’m thrilled to see that he is on a different path.

Duane & I spent some time together in Solvang. A little town north of Santa Barbara. Touristy. Really kind of tacky. But every other store is a wine tasting and we did have our share. It was warm and delightful to feel the sun on my face. We walked and walked. I haven’t felt that good in a long time. The wildflowers were stunning due to the enormous amount of rain they had. The hills were green. It was just too lovely.

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Sherman Oaks. So central! Thanks to Dianne for the recommendation. The wedding for Allie Abrams & Joe Anderson was held at Micahel’s of Santa Monica. So beautiful. So arty. So fun! We were glad to spend some additional time with them, Jay & Linda on Tuesday. Had dinner at Killer Shrimp. Yum!

I saw Aunt Rhea. She is living in a lovely facility in Sherman Oaks and enjoying it. She is slipping but aren’t we all at different stages of that. Went to Aunt Syd & Uncle Walt for lunch. They are doing well. Uncle Walt is doing so much better than I had imagined. And they are not even thinking of leaving that house. She has a nice garden, beautiful flowers and still cooks 3 meals a day for them.

Dianne & Rennie had a cousins brunch. I am so grateful that she does this for us so we can see the cousins! We got to see Jamie & her adorable little ones as well as Ellen’s grandson. If my memory gets worse they will have to put me in a home! I can’t remember their names.

Mark & Judy hosted the Passover Seder. It was awesome! I am so glad that Duane & I had the opportunity to help Judy prepare. The dinner was awesome and Mark did a fantastic job on his first Seder. My hat is off to him for all the research he did.

I got sick on our return but poor Duane has it worse than ever. So I will try to get through the mess on my desk and get my life back in order.